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Main Phone Number: 978.686.0194

John Lavoie X1014

Assistant Superintendent-

Elizabeth Freedman X1022

School Business

Maria Silva X1027


District Leadership_________________

Director of
Human Resources

Anne Marie Tucciarone-Mahan X1015

Director of Grants, Community
& Workforce Development

Elizabeth Bennett X1010

Director of Technology

William Jakubec X2070

Maintenance Supervisor

Robert Charest X6026

__________________School Leadership__________________

Assistant Principal, Humanities

Greg Haas X1008

Assistant Principal, Math and Science

Kelly Ogden X 1009

Director of Career & Technical Programs

Dianne Norkiewicz
X 1007

Director of Special Education

Jane Bailey X1023

Administrative Student Information Specialist

Isobel Gioia X1026







Director of Admissions 
& Counseling

Petra Farias X2059


Administrative Dean

Christa Gillis X3043

Administrative Dean

Bill Vogel X3039

Academy Supervisors__________________ 

Construction Technology Academy Supervisor

Tony McIntosh X4547

Business, Consumers
Services & Transportation Academy Supervisor

Lauren Jones X1056

STEAM Academy Supervisor

Ty Hobbs X5018









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