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Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education Program at Greater Lawrence Technical School gives students the opportunity to work for pay in their chosen field before graduation. Alternating weekly between work and classroom study, students in good academic standing and with good attendance may participate in the program.

Co-op gives the student the opportunity to gain work experience, assume responsibility, and develop a favorable work ethic. The employer evaluates the progress of a student, measuring performance, attitude, and skills. The Cooperative Education Program brings the school, the employer and the student together for mutual benefit. For more information, contact Dianne Norkiewicz, Director of CTE/Coop Coordinator  at 978-686-0194 X5036.




Employer Benefits

*  Provides an efficient and cost-effective method of recruiting new employees
* Gives the opportunity to provide input to the school on industry trends, 
standards and training needs
* Student employees are already trained in basic safety practices 
and occupational skills 
* Employer relations between the school and the community are enhanced
* Student employees have certifications including OSHA 10 and ServeSafe

Employer Responsibility

*  Cooperative Education Program work assignments require a minimum of 30 
hours during the week the student is working.
* Employers should give students assignments related to their technical 
training at Greater Lawrence Technical School. 
* Employers must adhere to state and federal labor laws and compensate 
students with appropriate wages. 
* All students must be covered by Workers Compensation Insurance and each 
employer must have a signed agreement with the school.

Student Benefits

* Opportunity to apply technical training and develop additional skills
* Chance to test a career choice with real-world experience
* Gain an awareness of the work place atmosphere
* Develop confidence and maturity
* Build a record of job experiences, increasing future employment
* Earn money

Student Responsibility

*  Students must maintain good grades and have favorable attendance records 
to be eligible for Co-op.
* If hired for a Co-op job, a student is expected to report to work on time and 
be prepared for a work assignment.
* They must display a positive work ethic and attitude toward their work 
and their co-workers.
* Students must maintain high academic and attendance standards 

to remain on Co-op. 
* Students must contact both employer and Co-op office in the event of an 

Folder Employer Documents (5 Files)
pdf file EMP. Co op Employment Agreement.pdf
pdf file EMP. CORI Form.pdf
pdf file EMP. SORI_Request_Form (1).pdf
pdf file Co-op_Procedures.pdf
pdf file Co-op_Procedures_Check_List.pdf
Folder Student Documents (3 Files)
pdf file STU. Cooperative Education Course Application.pdf
pdf file STU. Cooperative Employment Permit.pdf
pdf file CO-OP Parent Letter

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