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Summer School

Students who fail courses will be offered the opportunity to make up these courses as follows: 

  • A student who is failing a course during the regular school year must attend the course for the entire school year if he/she wishes to make up the course during GLTS Summer School. 

  • Prior to signing up for a Summer School course, the student must fill out an application and have it signed by the guidance counselor and the parent/guardian.  The student will be responsible to pay the cost of the course in full prior to being enrolled in the course.

  • The course application contains the course requirements and the attendance policy for the course.  If the student fails to comply with the requirements, no credit will be granted for the course and the student will repeat the grade.

  • To pass a Summer School course, the student must achieve a minimum grade of seventy-five (75).  The grade will be recorded as a sixty-five (65) on the student's transcript.


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