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Food Allergy Guidelines
Ingredient Policy

All food delivered to each cafeteria will have an ingredient label on file. Each label will be checked for the top eight allergens (peanut, egg, milk, shellfish, wheat, soy, tree nuts, and fish). If an allergen is identified, the allergen will be highlighted on the copy of the label.

It is the understanding of the Food Service Department that parents / guardians of students with allergies will work directly with the Cafeteria Manager. Looking at labels and clearly identifying risks are collaborative efforts. 

As the School Food Service department experiences substitution of staff, both the policy above and the involvement of the parents are vital to ensure student safety. Any questions regarding this policy or any others for the Food Service Department should be directed to Marybeth Ringland, Director of Food Services, at (978) 686-0194 x 5047 or email at MRingland@glts.net
The cafeteria offers:
    • A hand sanitation station 
    • An inclusive dining experience for all children
Other cafeteria guidelines include:
  • Promoting no food trading / no utensil sharing in the school.
  • Requiring Food Service employees to use latex-free gloves
  • Limiting the purchase and distribution of food containing peanuts and tree nuts
  • Encouraging students to wash their hands after eating and/or handling food
  • Contacting manufacturers to ensure that all food sold in the schools have ingredient labels, which will be resourced at each school
  • Identifying students with life-threatening allergies with our point-of-service register system with the student's picture and allergen or allergens highlighted so the cashier will be alerted
  • Accommodating students that have medical documentation

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