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Special Education

Mission Statement
The Special Education Department at Greater Lawrence Technical School provides services for all eligible students in compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and M.G.L. c.71B. The IDEA ensures that all eligible students receive a "free and appropriate public education" (FAPE) in the "least restrictive environment" (LRE).  The general education classroom is considered the least restrictive placement with the appropriate supports and related services.  Greater Lawrence offers a continuum of services in all required subject areas.  The vocational/technical programs are open to all students with disabilities.  Should a student's IEP require educational support services in the vocational setting these services and supports are available if deemed necessary by the TEAM.


Support Services  
Name Title Extension Email
Jane Bailey Director 1023 jbailey@glts.net
Kellie Bancroft Paraprofessional 7502 kbancroft@glts.net
Laraine Bautze Speech Therapist 2047 lbautze@glts.net
Kerri Bernier Instructor 3007 Kbernier@glts.net
Brenda Coady Instructor 1052 bcoady@glts.net
Helen Cogley Instructor 7501 hcogley@glts.net
Ellen DeRosa Admin. Secretary 1004 ederosa@glts.net
Joanna Dix Instructor 7503 jdix@glts.net
Christine Cornette Adjustment Counselor 2054 ccornettes@glts.net
Jennifer Esdale Instructor 7504 jesdale@glts.net
Kathryn Ferrara Instructor 5018 kferrara@glts.net
Keith Gaillard Instructor 4553 kgaillard@glts.net
Jennifer Gonet Instructor 7505 jgonet@glts.net
Kara Hernandez Lead Instructor 2048 khernandez@glts.net
Jayne Jennings Instructor 5016 jjennings@glts.net
Tom Kennedy Instructor 4121 tkennedy@glts.net
Mikaela Lalumiere Instructor 7506 mlalumiere@glts.net
Chris Maille Instructor 7507 cmaille@glts.net
Cindy Martinez Paraprofessional 7508 cmartinez@glts.net
George Mouzakis Autism Specialist  2068 gmouzakis@glts.net
Kathleen Mulry Specialist 2053 kmulry@glts.net
Tim Murray Instructor 5509 tmurray@glts.net
Nick Nicolacapoulis Instructor 7509 cnicolacopoulos@glts.net
Lori Ogden  Instructor 7511 logden@glts.net
Jamie Qualter Instructor 7510 jpqualter@glts.net
Sabino SanJuan Instructor 1051 ssanjuan@glts.net
Jay Santomassino Evaluation Team Leader 2049 jsantomassino@glts.net
Treacy Shields Instructor 3012 tshields@glts.net
Ann Sullivan Speech Therapist 2047 asullivan@glts.net
Taqua Turner Instructor 4027 tturner@glts.net
Phuong Vu Instructor 4106 dpvu@glts.net
Michael Walters Instructor 7512 mwalters@glts.net



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