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Parent Connection

Our mission is to reach out, connect and facilitate parent communication and involvement with our school, students, parents and community.  We are all in this together!

Have a suggestion? E-mail: parentconnection@glts.net

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Parent Connection Support Personnel:   
Martha Carrasco, Parent Liaison
10th and 12th grade

Telephone:  978-686-0194  x3041

Ana Medina, Parent Liaison 
9th and 11th Grade

Telephone: 978-686-0194  x3042

Guidance Department Support Personnel:  

Arleen Kennedy,  Guidance Secretary 
10th and 11th grade  

Telephone: 978-686-0194  x2062



Carol Fazioli,  Guidance Secretary 
12th grade   

Telephone: 978-686-0194  x2061


Discipline & Attendance Office Support Personnel:  
Pauline Vieira, Administrator’s Assistant   

Telephone: 978-686-0194  x3035


Upcoming Events: 

Parent Connection Group Meeting Schedule
 Dates:  Times:
 February 27, 2017  9am & 6pm
 March 27, 2017  9am & 6pm
 April 24, 2017  9am & 6pm
 May 22, 2017  9am & 6pm
Meeting are held in the Parent Connection Center across from the discipline office.


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