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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Greater Lawrence Technical School graciously accepts gently worn equipment, tools, and materials to benefit student learning.  As budgets become tighter and school districts look for alternative funding sources, we have been very fortunate with a variety of donations from community members, businesses, and organizations.  Some items may include but is not limited to: building materials, copper, wire, pvc pipe, vehicles, hair products, office furniture, hand tools, mechanical equipment, and much, much, more.  Due to Board of Health requirements, we are unable to accept donations of food.

The GLTS Collision & Repair Department will be accepting antique items for restoration as part of their curriculum for next year.  Possible items include: motorcycles, bikes, clocks, safes, Police or Fire call boxes, tools, carts, and/or machines from Lawrence mills.  Clean out your basement or garage as we take donations. Call Tom Hatem today at 978-686-0194 x3031 for additional information or email at thatem@glts.net

The GLTS Automotive Department is accepting donations of cars, trucks and SUVs in working condition from model year 1999 and up to fix as part of their curriculum for the next school year. Call Rob Maiella ay 978-686-0194 x3021 for additional information or email at rmaiella@glts.net

Please contact Diane Norkiewicz, 978-686-0194 x1007 or email at dnorkiewicz@glts.net for additional information for all other donations.

We thank you, in advance, for your generosity and giving back to the future workforce.

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