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The Automotive Department is OPEN for the SY-13/14

Make an appointment to have your vehicle serviced or checked.

Get an estimate for a repair
Get a quote for tires
Ask a question about your car

When emailing please include:

The year, make, and model of the vehicle
When you would like to come in
What services or work that you are in need of
Your name and phone extension
If requesting a tire quote, please include the tire size, brand and model of the tire

The automotive department offers basic automotive repairs and routine maintenance. The automotive shop exists to service 
the students. All work and services are performed by the automotive students during the school day.

Some of the services offered by GLTS:
Oil and filter change
Preventative maintenance
Tire replacement and tire repair
Wheel balancing
2-wheel and 4-wheel alignment
Massachusetts  State Inspections
Brake repairs
Exhaust repairs
Steering and suspension repairs
Minor engine repair
Cooling system repairs
Air-conditioning repairs
Battery  - starting and charging system repairs

All work being considered must be beneficial as well as educational to the students.Customers must be a resident of 
the school district.The customer must sign a hold harmless release form before any work is performed.
The vehicle that is to be worked on must have a valid registration.
Before any vehicle is worked on, it must be approved by the instructors. 
Vehicle must be model year 1997 and up.
Customer cannot wait while their vehicle is being worked on.
Customers cannot supply their own parts.
Instructors may refuse any vehicle, at any time, for any reason.
The work request sheet must be signed before any work can be done.
Smaller jobs such as oil changes, tires and state inspections can usually be completed in a day.
Other work may or may not require the vehicle to be in the shop 
for longer periods of time.
The automotive department is always looking for vehicles to be donated for educational purposes.

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