• Vision

    Empower all students to be prepared for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.


    Delivering a comprehensive School Counseling Program based on the ASCA National Model© and the Massachusetts Model for Accountable, Comprehensive School Counseling programs. 

    The School Counseling Department delivers a comprehensive, developmental program to all students to ensure their readiness for postsecondary education, employment, and active citizenship in a rapidly changing technological and global community. We consistently and purposefully incorporate our Core Values and Guiding Principles into our work with students: 

    • Provide social-emotional and physical wellness programs and services through multi-tiered counseling support assessments and collaboration with families, staff, and the community. 

    • Grow partnerships with families and community by informing stakeholders about student holistic and academic needs and soliciting their support.

    • Reimagine and advocate for the School Counseling Department services and programming to meet the ever changing needs of our students.  

    • Promote culturally responsive and anti-racist counseling practices.

Meet the Team

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