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  • Rentals at GLTS

  • For specifics on availability, rental
    times, fees and rules, please email:


  • Looking for a local venue that is also accessible right off the highway? Then GLTS the place for you!!

    With our state of the art facilities, individuals, groups, profit and non-profit organizations may rent space in the building to host their programs, activites and events! A number of organizations around the area actively use Greater Lawrence Technical school as their first choice for events!

    Areas around the building that are available to rent include; Athletic Fields (be sure to check out our newly renovated football field!), Classrooms, Technical Areas, Laboratories, Cafeteria (no kitchen use), Gymnasium/Locker Rooms and our Four Winds Restaurant.


  • In general, at least 30 days notice is required for rentals; those desiring to use athletic fields sometimes need to reserve them three months in advance. 

    Non-profit organizations and community groups that serve the needs of youth will get priority in rentals. Activities related to GLTS students and staff take precedence over outside rentals. If emergency conditions necessitate the closing of the school, all use and rental will be automatically canceled or postponed.

    In all cases of rental of school facilities, a Facility Use Application Form must be completed, submitted and approved by the appropriate school administrator. The person who signs the form will be considered the agent of the group or organization and will be held responsible for the group and its actions. All applicants will be required to carry and maintain insurance as a condition of their rental of any District facility. 


    Things to Note:

    Renters must be aware of and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and policies relative to public school facilities and the use thereof: 

    1. Prohibition against smoking and the possession of alcoholic beverages and drugs on school property (building and grounds) will be strictly enforced.
      • Violators will have their permits revoked.
    2. Rental fees and associated charges and required documents must be received by the school at least one week prior to the rental date(s).
    3. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required for cancelations
      • Otherwise, the user will forfeit the rental and all associated charges.
    4. Rental is considered unofficial scheduled until payment in full is received.
    5. Dogs are not allowed on fields 
    6. Metal spikes are not allowed (pitchers only) on turf fields 
    7. Seeds/Gum are not allowed on turf fields 
    8. Only water is allowed on turf fields 
    9. GLTS will decide whether custodial help is required.
    10. Rental group must clean all debris after use
    11. Custodial charges will be at the current contract rate, for a minimum of four hours.
    12. Renter may be required to hire Town of Andover Police as a condition of the rental 
      • Payment is the responsibility of the user.
    13. Rental groups are restricted to the specific area of the school designated in the application.
    14. Renters must provide appropriate supervision of activities 
    15. The Frank S. Vacirca Performing Arts Center (PAC) capacity is: 450