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    Expect More, Demand More, Achieve More.



    Preparing students for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

    Core Values

    Growth Mindset: Through continued effort, hard work, and reflection, we learn, develop, grow and excel. Everyone has the capability to grow their intelligence and character

    High Expectations: All members of the GLTS community will consistently challenge themselves and others to raise standards and improve performance

    Supportive Environment: By removing barriers and providing an equitable education, all members of the GLTS community will have the supports they need to learn, develop and grow.

    Lifelong Learning: Continuous learning by all­ throughout school, career, and personal life.

  • Vision

    A fully integrated school that teaches our students the transfer and application of knowledge and skills, empowers them to be self-reliant and to advocate for themselves, and supports the belief that they have control over future success.