Physical Education

  • Grade 9 Physical Education and Health

    Greater Lawrence Technical School believes that a quality physical education program is essential in helping students gain competence and confidence in a variety of movement forms such as aquatics, dance recreation and activities.  Physical Education will provide a sound framework for the design and assessment that develops the student’s motivation and will focus on lifetime involvement.  Our objective is to educate the student, stimulating both the mind and body for a lifetime of healthy pursuits.


    Physical Education I

    The Freshman program focuses on an understanding of fitness fundamentals.  All ninth graders will receive direct classroom instruction and participate in physical activities designed to develop the knowledge and a condition of flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength, body composition and cardiovascular endurance.  Students will also explore their own skill-related fitness—including agility, balance, coordination, power and speed, and they assess their current physical activity and fitness levels.


    Health I

    Greater Lawrence Technical School’s comprehensive program is designed to cover all major aspects of health issues which will aid high school students not only in the present day, but also provide them with information that they will take with them beyond their high school years. The ultimate goal is to emphasize the importance of responsible decision-making to their overall wellness. Students will sharpen their judgments as they consider health issues and learn how to apply decision-making skills to their own


    lives. Along with an introduction to human sexuality, this curriculum will address important subjects such as coping with pressures, smoking, dating, birth control, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, recreational drugs, depression, steroids, personal hygiene, basic first aid, responsible decision making, wellness and much more.

    Grade 10 Physical Education and Health

    Physical Education II


    The sophomore program will expand upon the freshman program.  The students will focus on a holistic approach to physical education by tying in nutrition, cardiovascular, self-esteem and the basic overall objective of keeping fit.  This program will focus on weight training, walking for exercise, target heart rate, pre- and post-physical fitness testing and an introduction to aquatics.


    Health II

    The sophomore health program will expand upon the freshman program, focusing on teenage pregnancy, drugs, alcohol and decision making.


    Grade 11 Physical Education and Health

    Physical Education III


    The junior program will further enhance the student’s knowledge of a holistic approach to wellness by participating in lifelong activities.  Presidential Physical Fitness Testing will be introduced to juniors so students will realize their physical fitness abilities.  Games will revolve around developing students’ motor skills, technique and sportsmanship.


    Grade 12 Physical Education


    The senior program through games, activities, and testing will promote physical activity, teach skills that will form or change behavior and should influence health and well-being across one’s life span.  Helping

    students continue to be active early in their lives will provide an important foundation for lifetime physical activity.


    Physical Education IV


    Helping students continue to be active early in their lives will provide an important foundation for lifetime physical activity.