Academy Model

  • An academy is a personalized small learning community within a high school. Greater Lawrence Technical School is divided into four academies - a 9th grade academy and four other career and technical academies: Business, Consumer Services & Transportation Academy (B.T.C.), Construction Technology Academy, Medical, Engineering, Technology and Arts Academy (M.E.T.A) and the STEAM academy. 

    Let's take a look at each academy...


    Freshman Academy

    Students entering grade 9 are placed in the Freshman Academy. The Academy is located in an entire wing of our facility -- designed to keep classes and resources (such as guidance and counseling, discipline office, our library, help desk and more) in a centralized area for students to feel comfortable as they transition and grow accustomed to the building.

    All freshmen participate in a Career Vocational and Technical Exploratory Program. This program offers grade 9 students the opportunity to not only explore and experience each career area offered at GLTS, but to make an informed decision in choosing their career paths. Successful completion of the exploratory program, along with academic success, places students at the best advantage of a first choice placement in their career area of choice. Freshmen students will have a split schedule; half of the school day will be spent exploring our career areas and the remainder of the day will be spent in academics. 

    Check out our Exploratory Guide by clicking HERE


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    Business Consumer Services and Transportation Academy (B.C.T)

    B.T.C. is the home to all our service shops. Students that are in Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing, Automotive Technology, Business Technology, Cosmetology and Culinary Arts are in this academy. The wonderful thing about this academy is that students often get to work with the public and sending communities on live jobs and work. Our Automotive Collision, Automotive Technology, Cosmetology and Culinary Arts program services are open to the public during learning/school friendly hours... all work and services are preformed by our students! 


            culinary automotive cosmetology autobody



    Construction Academy

    Students that have chosen Carpentry, Electricity, Horticulture/Landscaping, HVAC/Refrigeration, Metal Fabrication and Joining Technologies and Plumbing will be in this academy. This academy is perfect for students that love to work hands on and make beautiful, creative and lasting things. Like our B.C.T. Academy, students in the Construction Academy will often have the opportunity to work with the public and may eventually work on real life construction job sites. Yearly, qualified senior and junior students Carpentry, Electricity, HVAC/R and Plumbing work together on building a house. This provides perspective and experience for students to work in all types of conditions in an actual construction site environment. 


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    Medical, Engineering, Technology and Arts Academy (M.E.T.A.)

    M.E.T.A. focuses on both the Arts and technology as well as medical programs and engineering. In this academy we have Dental Assisting, Graphic Communications, Health Assisting, Information Technology, Machine Tool Technology and Medical Assisting. Perfect for hands on learners, creative thinkers and problem solvers! Students in these fields of work create and design, trouble shoot problems, and finding solutions while working in their career area.


         IT WORKING MACHINE TOOL freshman graphics exploratory health



    STEAM Academy

    The Science Technology Engineering Arts Math Program (STEAM) offers students (grades 9-12) an innovative hands-on approach to learning. STEAM students will graduate with the ability to think and work like a scientist, technologist, artist and designer. The program uses a transdisciplinary approach to learning, integrating the core academic and technical areas. Through this approach, students solve-real world problems using their academic and technical skills.


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