Family Resources

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    GLTS Multicultural Parents Advisory Council Family Resource Guide


    Adult Learning Center 
    (Lawrence Public Schools)

    147 Haverhill Street
    Lawrence, MA 01840
    (978) 722-8110

    Adult Learning Center website

    Memorial Hall Library

    2 North Main Street
    Andover, MA 01810

    ESL collection on the ground floor of the library.
    Website offers additional resources.

    American Training/LARE Institute

    6 Campanelli Drive
    Andover, MA 01810
    (978) 685-2151

    International Institute of Greater Lawrence

    125 Amesbury Street
    Lawrence, MA  01840-1317
    (978) 687-0981

    Free English Classes, Immigrant & Legal Services

    newsletter November/December
    International Institute on Facebook

    Cambridge College

    360 Merrimack Street
    Building 9, Entry K, 4th Floor
    Lawrence, MA 01840
    (978) 738-0502

    Academic English; Fee charged
    Lawrence Community Works

    168 Newbury Street
    Lawrence, MA  01840
    (978) 685-3115

    Levels 0-5; Fee charged


    Casa Dominicana

    170 Common Street, Suite 307
    Lawrence, MA 01840
    (978) 407-3702

    Levels 0-1; Fee charged
    Lawrence Families & Youth Initiative (LMCC)

    112 A East Haverhill Street
    Lawrence, MA  01840
    (978) 332-8250

    Levels 0-1; Free Classes!

    Greater Lawrence Community 
    Action Council

    305 Essex Street
    Lawrence, MA 01840
    (978) 681-4900

    Levels 0-2; Free Classes!   Community Resource Sheet

    Lazarus House Ministries

    412 Hampshire Street
    Lawrence, MA  01840
    (978) 689-8575

    Levels 0-3; Free Classes!


    Maria del Pilar Quintana Center

    404 Haverhill Street
    Lawrence, MA  01840
    (978) 794-5399

    Levels 0-4 ESL for Citizenship; Fee charged



    Training Unlimited

    15 Union Street
    Lawrence, MA  01840
    (978) 975-0200

    Programs in Computers, Medical, Technology, Accounting, and Bookkeeping, English Language Skills, GED and more.

    Basic English Levels 4-6; Career Center referrals or fee charged

    Merrimack Valley Immigrant & Education Center

    (Formerly the Asian Center)

    20 Ballard Road, Basement
    Lawrence, MA 01843
    (978) 683-7316

    Offering ESL, Workforce & Citizenship classes

    Some classes are free; some classes have fee

    The YMCA

    After-school programs and family fitness, pool and gym memberships.

    YMCA-Lawrence (978) 686-6191
    40 Lawrence Street, Lawrence, MA  


    YMCA-Methuen (978) 683-5266
    129 Haverhill Street, Methuen, MA


    New England Puerto Rican Alliance 
    at the General Donovan School

    50 Cross Street
    Lawrence, MA  01840
    (978) 682-7105

    Free Conversation and Basic English Classes


    Boys and Girls Clubs

    After-school and evening programs and recreation.

    • Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence: 136 Water St.

               Lawrence,  MA 01841

    • Beacon Boys & Girls Club: 71 Duckett Ave. Lawrence, MA 01843

    NECC - Northern Essex 
    Community College

    NECC Riverwalk
    360 Merrimack Street,
    Lawrence, MA   01840

    A variety of classes available throughout the year.

    Call Cynthia Faulkner, ESL Coordinator (978) 659-1279

    Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

    34 Haverhill St. Clinic: (978) 686-0090
    150 Park St. Clinic: (978) 685-1770
    73D Winthrop Ave Clinic: (978) 686-3017
    700 Essex St. Clinic: (978) 689-2400






    In-School Resources 

    Important GLTS Contacts

    Discipline & Attendance Office
    (978) 686-0194

    Ana Medina, Parent Liaison Grades 9 &11   
    X 3042

    Martha Carrasco, Parent Liaison Grades 10 & 12 X 3041

    Pauline Viera, Attendance Office Admin. Asst.   
    X 3035

    GLTS Attendance Office

    Call (978) 686-0194  
    Then ask for “Extension 3037”

    Call the Attendance Office before 8:30 am if your student will be absent from school.

    Please write a note to let us know if your student is absent because of sickness when they return to school. 
    Homework Help Program

    This program meets in the GLTS library every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00pm to 4:30pm.  Teachers and tutors are available to assist students.

    4:30 bus leaves from the door outside of the Discipline Office.
    Report Cards and Grades
    Report Cards and Progress Reports are issued 4 times each year and will be mailed home to parents directly.  Please let the school know if your home address changes so you continue to receive your student’s grade reports.

    Stay After School with your Teacher
    Students may stay after school with teachers on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons from 2:30 to 2:55 pm.  Students should let their teachers know they are coming in advance.



    Comcast Internet Essentials

    Home internet service for under $10/month

    Complete an application online at

    Call 1-855-8-INTERNET or 1-855-846-8376

    Missing the bus is not an excuse to be absent from school. Some students keep $5 at home so that they can call a taxi if they miss the bus.

    Merrimack Taxi  978-687-0911




    Guidance Department  Office

    (978) 686-0183

    Gina Castillo, Secretary Grade 9 |
    X 2063

    Arleen Kennedy, Secretary Grades 10 & 11
    X 2062

    Carol Fazioli, Secretary Grade 12 
    X 2061
    Guidance Department

    (978) 686-0194

    Kathleen Clemente, Adjustment Counselor  X 2058

    Kathleen Dollard, Adjustment Counselor  X 2054


    Ellen Mahoney, Career Counselor X 2067

    Counselor for students in the following program:
    Machine Technology

    10th-12th Grade 
    Guidance Counselor

    Chris Plourde (978) 686-0194 X 2056


    Counselor for students in the following programs:

    Carpentry, Electricity, HVAC, Electronics, Pre-Engineering and Plumbing
    9th Grade Guidance Counselors

    Last names A-L: Kathleen Scanlon-Canzano

    (978) 686-0194 X2055


    Last names M-Z: Jenna Simard

    (978) 686-0194 X 2066

    10th-12th Grade 
    Guidance Counselor
    Colleen Abdulla 978) 686-0194 X 2065

    Counselor for students in the following programs:
    Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing
    Automotive Technology


    10th-12th Grade Guidance Counselor

    Tim Cusack
    (978) 686-0194 X 2075

    Counselors for students in the following programs:

    Dental Assisting
    Health Careers    
    Metal Fabrication



    10th-12th Grade 
    Guidance Counselor

    Diana Greer
    (978) 686-0194 X 2065

    Counselors for students in the following programs:

    Culinary Arts
    Graphic Communications
    Business Technology
    Information Technology

    GLTS Co-op

    GLTS Students in 11th or 12th grade can gain valuable work experience and receive pay through the Co-op program. Students work one week and attend their academic classes at school one week.  Students must meet the academic requirements and may need to provide their own transportation.

    Program Overview
    Permission Slip
    Work Permit


    GLTS students have an opportunity to open a bank account with Eastern Bank and receive $50.

    Eastern Bank
    486 Essex St, Lawrence  01840
    (978) 722-0096
    Bank Web Site



    Work Permit

    Students in Massachusetts under age 18, must complete a work permit before beginning employment.

    Work Permit for Students under Age 18

    English Application English Application





    Driver’s Education Classes at GLTS

    GLTS offers Driver’s Ed classes throughout the year.

    • Cost $500 (Deposit of $250)

    • Mon, Tues, Wed 2:45-5:00PM

    • Limited to 30 Students

    • Pick up applications at the Reception Desk

    • Students must already have their MA Drivers Permit
    Massachusetts Driver’s Permit

    When students in Massachusetts turn 16, they may apply for a driver’s permit at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.


    Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles

    73 Winthrop Avenue
    Lawrence, MA   01840

    • $30 Fee

    • Must pass a written and vision test


    Checklist for Getting your Permit


    Massachusetts Driver’s License

    When students in Massachusetts are 16 years and six months, they may take the test for a Driver’s License.

    • $35 Road Test Fee

    • $50 License Fee

    • Students must have completed 40 hours of driving through a Driver’s Education Program

    • Students must have had Driver’s Permit for 6 months