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  • Greater Lawrence Technical School English Learner Handbook


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    The Greater Lawrence Technical School (GLTS) English Learner Handbook is a compilation of documents and information derived from the English Language Department, the WIDA consortium and the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The purpose of this Handbook is to offer guidance to Teachers, Specialists, Support Staff, and Administrators who work with English Learners at GLTS. It is designed as an overview of the program and services offered through the English Learner Department.

    It is intention of the department, that this document provides information and clarity to ensure that English Learners (ELs) receive the sound linguistic and academic support they need to access and achieve within the curriculum, co-curricular activities, and interscholastic sports.  The content contained in the manual follows a sequential format beginning with the identification of English Learners and continues with information regarding program implementation and exit criteria. ELs at GLTS are assessed, instructed, and monitored thoughtfully, comprehensively, and diligently.