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  • Welcome to Greater Lawrence Technical School Athletics:  

    The GLTS coaching staff and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and invite you to become a part of our athletic program. Participation in athletics can be very important in high school and in the future. The GLTS coaches pride themselves on being characterized as hard working, knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated in their field. Most importantly, our coaches care for the student-athletes as people and for their overall well-being. In this most challenging time we know how important athletics is to our student-athletes, and we will do everything we can to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone involved. We all must work together to make this the best experience for our students. 

    Eligibility: Greater Lawrence Technical School is a member of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (M.I.A.A) and the Commonwealth Athletic Conference (CAC). Therefore, as well as school eligibility standards, there are also State requirements. These requirements are set for all levels of competition. All policies and procedures are in accordance with the MIAA and Greater Lawrence Technical School.

    In order to be eligible candidates must:

    1. Athlete and parent/guardian must fully register online on www.FamilyID.com 
    2. Receive a valid physical exam prior to the season as required by the MIAA. Physical exam must be within 13 months. Physical must stay current throughout the season. An expired physical will result in suspension of play until new physical is submitted
    3. A student must secure, during the last marking period preceding the season a passing grade and full credit in CTE, and may not fail more than one additional class. If the student fails more than one subject, or fails CTE they will be ineligible until the next marking period. Eligibility is in effect the day report cards are handed out. If a student is found to be academically ineligible and continues to play, each game that student participated in will be counted as a forfeit. Appeals to this policy can be made to the Athletic Director / Principal 
    4. Must follow all EEA guidelines, MIAA Sport modifications, and GLTS safety protocols and guidelines

    * Under no circumstance can a student participate in a game/practice if these requirements are not fulfilled; regardless of level or sport

    Candidates must be aware of GLTS rules and regulations for athletes that state:

    PHYSICALS: Every athlete must receive a physical examination in order to be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics at GLTS. This examination is valid for 13 months and it is highly recommended submitting a new copy at the start of the school year. Athletes will not be allowed to participate in a practice, or a game, without having fulfilled their physical exam requirement. The athlete is deemed ineligible the day following the 13th month. Any athlete who was treated by a physician for an injury or a prolonged illness must produce a note from the physician prior to resuming participation in a sports program. This process will be coordinated by the athletic trainer.

    RULES AND REGULATIONS: The following regulations have been set forth by the Greater Lawrence Technical School Athletic Department and MIAA  to govern the participation in the school athletic program. These are minimum standards and coaches may add to their individual sports if they feel the need is warranted.

    ATTENDANCE: A student cannot participate in school sports or practice unless he/she is present in school on that day. If the event is scheduled for a weekend, the student must be present on the Friday before the game. If the violation becomes known at a later date, it will be enforced the next game. 

    • If a student is absent he/she cannot participate in sports that day unless authorized by the Athletic Director or Dean
    • If a student comes to school after 11:00 a.m. they cannot participate in sports; unless authorized by the Athletic Director or Dean
    • If a student gets dismissed from school they need approval from the Athletic Director or Dean to participate in sports that day. No exception. Dismissal prior to 11:00 will result in non-participation for the day unless the student returns with prior and appropriate approval. 

    Team members must be present and on time for all scheduled practices and games. Any athlete who is present in school but absent or late to the athletic event without permission from the coach will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. That action ranges from a warning to suspension to dismissal from the team/program.

    A player who misses five consecutive practices due to illness or injury must have a minimum of one practice session prior to participating in an athletic event. The coach/AT may determine more reconditioning time may be needed. If injured, the athlete is required to attend practice while doing rehabilitation.  An injured player is still a part of the team. 

    Student-athletes should contact the coach if they are unable to attend a practice or game.

    VACATION POLICY: Athletes must personally contact the coach prior to any vacations, which may cause the athlete to miss a practice or an athletic contest. The individual coach will determine the consequence. Non-family/non-school vacations are unacceptable and unfair to teammates and coaches.

    A player who misses a scheduled bus for an away athletic activity will not be permitted to participate in the activity. A player must use school transportation to and from athletic events except when the athlete has secured prior written permission from the Athletic Director, the athlete's parent/guardian, and coach.

    FAN BEHAVIOR POLICY: The GLTS Athletic Department expects all fans to demonstrate proper sportsmanship at all times. If a student is removed from a sporting event for inappropriate behavior the consequences will be as follows:

    1st Offense: 1 month of no social events

    2nd Offense: 6 months of no social events

    3rd Offense: 1 year of no social events

    MIAA BONA FIDE TEAM RULE: All students are responsible for following the MIAA Bona Fide Rule and the penalties associated with it. Please refer to the MIAA Handbook for exact wording; but basically an athlete cannot miss a game, try-out, competition, practice, etc. for a non-school activity. First penalty – out of 25% of the season.

    TRANSPORTATION/BUSES: The late bus schedule will change from season to season. Please familiarize yourself with the schedule and stops as school stops may differ from athletic stops. Any issues please see the Athletic Director or Dean. Inappropriate behavior on any bus  may result in athletic and/or school consequences

    THE ROLE OF THE CAPTAIN: Being elected as a team captain is a tremendous honor and privilege that you should be very proud of. However, this role also brings a great deal of responsibility. You are no longer just a member of the team. You are expected to be leader on-and-off of the field and a role model within Greater Lawrence Technical School, as well as, within the community(s). GLTS Captains are selected on factors such as: strong leadership skills, dedication, focus, honesty, commitment, talented skill level, sportsmanship qualities, appropriate behavior, and much more. The coach may have players vote on this leadership role, but it is ultimately the coach’s determination of who their Captain(s) should be. The coach will discuss the selection(s) with the Athletic Director for final approval. 

    Throughout the school year captains are welcomed to be a member of the ‘Athletic Council’; in which discussion on the role of the Captain will be continuously discussed.

    MIAA TEAM CAPTAIN POLICY: Once a student is elected a team captain and he/she violates the MIAA or their own schools’ drug and alcohol policy at any time during the year they will lose the privilege of being a team captain. The position of captain is one of honor, leadership and responsibility. As a result, student athletes serving in that capacity are expected to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner in and out of school. Any captain involved in any violation of the discipline code that results in a school or athletic suspension may lose their captainship.

    CHEMICAL HEALTH POLICY: Student (and Coach) Eligibility: Chemical Health/Alcohol/Drugs/Tobacco: MIAA Chemical Health Policy

    HAZING POLICY: Section 17. Whoever is a principal organizer or participant in the crime of hazing, as defined herein, shall be punished by a fine of not more than three thousand dollars or by imprisonment in a house of correction for not more than one, [sic] year, or both such fine and imprisonment. The term ``hazing'' as used in this section and in sections eighteen and nineteen, shall mean any conduct or method of initiation into any student organization, whether on public or private property, which willfully or recklessly endangers the physical or mental health of any student or other person. Such conduct shall include whipping, beating, branding, forced calisthenics, exposure to the weather, forced consumption of any food, liquor, beverage, drug or other substance, or any other brutal treatment or forced physical activity which is likely to adversely affect the physical health of any such student or other person, or which subjects such student or other person to extreme mental stress, including extended deprivation of sleep or rest or extended isolation. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this section to the contrary, consent shall not be available as a defense to any prosecution under this action. 269:18 FAILURE TO REPORT HAZING.  Section 18. Whoever knows that another person is the victim of hazing as defined in section seventeen and is at the scene of such crime shall, to the extent that such person can do so without danger or peril to himself or others, report such crime to an appropriate law enforcement official as soon as reasonably practicable. Whoever fails to report such crime shall be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars. 269:19 Copy of secs. 17-19; issuance to students and student groups, teams and organizations; report Section 19. Each institution of secondary education and each public and private institution of post secondary education shall issue to every student group, student team or student organization which is part of such institution or is recognized by the institution or permitted by the institution to use its name or facilities or is known by the institution to exist as an unaffiliated student group, student team, or student organization, a copy of this section and sections seventeen and eighteen; provided, however, that an institution's compliance with this section's requirements that an institution issue copies of this section and sections seventeen and eighteen to unaffiliated student groups, teams, or organizations shall not constitute evidence of the institution's recognition or endorsement of said unaffiliated student groups, teams or organizations. Each such group, team or organization shall distribute a copy of this section and sections seventeen and eighteen to each of its members, plebes, pledges or applicants for membership. It shall be the duty of each such group, team or organization, acting through its designated officer, to deliver annually, to the institution an attested acknowledgement stating that such group, team or organization has received a copy of this section and said sections seventeen and eighteen, that each of its member, plebes, pledges, or applicants has received a copy of sections seventeen and eighteen, and that such group, team or organization understands and agrees to comply with the provisions of this section and sections seventeen and eighteen. Each institution of secondary education and each public or private institution of post secondary education shall, at least annually, before or at the start of enrollment, deliver to each person who enrolls as a full time student in such institution a copy of this section and sections seventeen and eighteen. Each institution of secondary education and each public or private institution of post secondary education shall file, at least annually, a report with the regents of higher education and in the case of secondary institutions, the board of education, certifying that such institution has complied with its responsibility to inform student groups, teams or organizations and to notify each full time student enrolled by it of the provisions of this section and sections seventeen and eighteen and also certifying that said institution has adopted a disciplinary policy with regard to the organizers and participants of hazing, and that such policy has been set forth with appropriate emphasis in the student handbook or similar means of communication the institution's policies to its students. The board of regents and, in the case of secondary institutions, the board of education shall promulgate regulations governing the content and frequency of such reports, and shall forthwith report to the attorney general any such institution which fails to make such report. 

    Greater Lawrence Technical School will not tolerate any form of hazing within the sports teams. Hazing is defined as “any conduct or method of initiating students onto any team or organization, which subjects a student to physical or mental abuse and or publicly embarrass or humiliates the student." Any instance of hazing should be reported immediately and directly to the Athletic Director and/or Dean.

    Such examples may be considered hazing:

    •   Picking on Freshman/Underclassmen
    •   Humiliating any person
    •   Making anybody feel uncomfortable
    •   Improper locker room antics

    Athletes participating in any form of hazing could be dismissed from their team for the remainder of the season, as well as, future teams. The school administration and/or police department will deal with student(s) conducting such acts.

    CARE OF EQUIPMENT: GLTS provides its athletes with uniforms and other valuable equipment. The athlete is responsible for the uniforms and/or the equipment issued to him/her. All uniforms and equipment issued to the athletes will be collected at the end of the season. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure uniforms are returned clean and in good condition. Lockers must be cleaned out after the season has ended. If an athlete quits during the season, it is his/her responsibility to turn in his/her equipment to the coach/Equipment Manager. An athlete will be subject to school discipline if his/her equipment is not returned or he/ she does not reimburse the school. The athlete will not be issued any further equipment until all previous equipment has been returned. If a uniform or equipment is ruined/broken/ lost the athlete will be issued a school obligation and will pay to replace the uniform/equipment.

    CARE OF FACILITIES: Greater Lawrence Technical School has one of the best athletic facilities in Massachusetts. Our athletic complex is for the benefit of all the athletes at GLTS and the communities that we service. Any athlete who is caught abusing any of the indoor or outdoor facilities will be subject to disciplinary action by the school.

    STEPS TO FOLLOW IF AN ATHLETE IS INJURED: The athlete should immediately report the injury to his/her coach during their practice or game. The athlete and coach should immediately report the incident to the Athletic Trainer.. This information will be forwarded to the Athletic Director. Proper communication between parents, athletic trainer, coach, and player is vital. If an athlete is injured a note must be presented to the athletic trainer stating injury and date for return to play.

    CONFLICT RESOLUTION PROCEDURE: Athletic involvement, while fun and rewarding, can be very time consuming and emotional. Due to the level of effort and emotion invested, conflicts between players and coaches will inevitably arise. All conflicts should be addressed professionally and as soon as possible. To accomplish this, please follow these guidelines.

    FIRST STEP: STUDENT-ATHLETE AND COACH CONTACT: The student athlete should meet individually with the coach to share concerns and/or discuss any issue or conflict. It is the student athlete’s responsibility to make an attempt to meet with the coach before involving others, if at all possible. Times to be avoided when initiating contact:

    •   Immediately prior to and/or right after a contest.
    •   During an active practice session.

    During a time when other students are present or when the discussion is visible to others.

    •   When it is apparent that there is not sufficient time to allow for a complete discussion.

    SECOND STEP: PARENT/GUARDIAN AND COACH CONTACT: If a conflict between a student athlete and a coach remains unresolved or becomes a chronic issue, the parent/guardian and student athlete should schedule a meeting with the coach. The student athlete should be involved and present at this meeting.

    THIRD STEP: PARENT/GUARDIAN AND ATHLETIC DIRECTOR CONTACT: If a satisfactory resolution is not reached through direct contact with the coach, the student athlete and parent/guardian should inform the coach that they intend to contact the athletic director. A meeting with the Athletic Director should be scheduled through the Athletic Office.

    FOURTH STEP: PARENT/GUARDIAN AND PRINCIPAL CONTACT: If existing concerns remain following a meeting with the athletic director, the student athlete and parent/guardian should acknowledge such, and initiate contact with the high school principal. 

    Please note: If you believe that due to the seriousness and/or nature of your concerns and/or complaint(s), you are unable or unwilling to follow these procedures, you may express your concerns directly to the athletic director and/or building principal.


    * Only In-Person students will be allowed to play sports this season. Concerns with this policy should be directed to the Athletic Director or Principal

    *A student shall be eligible for interscholastic competition for no more than four consecutive years after initially entering Grade 9. This limitation shall apply without regard to actual participation or attempt to participate. MIAA waivers are at the discretion of the athletic director and building principal.

    *All athletic injuries must be reported to the coach or athletic trainer  immediately. The athletic trainer has the final decision on the playing status of any injured student- athlete, no exception. Please contact the athletic trainer for exact ‘Return to Play’ procedure.

    * Students transferring into GLTS or are 19 years of age must see the Athletic Director prior to the season; a waiver must be executed to participate in athletics

    * The recipient of all athletic equipment assumes full responsibility for its proper care, complete and satisfactory return, or payment for loss thereof. If lost, there will be a fee charged.

    * All athletes should dress appropriately for their sport. All players must wear a t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers/cleats. All clothing should be appropriate to a school setting and weather conditions. Students are required to use good judgment, to respect themselves and others

    *  All athletic injuries must be reported to the coach or athletic trainer immediately.

    * Unauthorized removal (stealing) of GLTS equipment or any equipment from other school districts means dismissal from the team for the season.

    * Athletes removed from a game for fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct will be ineligible to play in the next league contest, and if the occurrence is repeated, he/she will be ineligible for one calendar year.

    *Student-athletes must adhere to the rules of the GLTS Student-Handbook and GLTS Student-Athlete Handbook

    *Student-athletes and parents should familiarize themselves with all rules/regulations within both the MIAA Handbook and CAC Handbook.