Automotive Technology

  • This is your ticket to an exciting, fast-paced career in the motor vehicle repair field.

    Computers and technology dominate this career area, and the successful candidate will love to challenge his or her problem-solving abilities. Students will be exposed and trained in four core areas of National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) approved areas.

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  • Curriculum to Include:

    • Hands-on work
    • Introduction to engine repair
    • Engine theory and operation
    • Tools and equipment training  
    • Brakes
    • Steering & suspention
    • Wheel balance
    • Vehicle Alignment
    • Electrical/electronic systems
    • Exhaust work
    • HVAC makeup of a car
    • Air Bag systems
    • Supplimental restraint systems
    • Emissions
    • Transmissions/Transaxles
    • Vehicle Inspection
    • Starting and Charging systems
    • OSHA and Safety training
    • Work on actual customer cars
    • Repair donated vehicles

    Career Pathways:

    Automotive/Diesel Repair Shops,  Bus Companies,   Business Owners,   Dealerships,  Small Engine Repair,  Trucking Firms, Air Conditioning Specialists, Alignment Specialists, Automotive Technicians, Marine Mechanics, Parts Specialists, Service Writers, Service Managers

Automotive Technology Teachers

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