Business Technology

  • Want to be prepared to have a career and be successful in the world of business...

    Explore relevant business and technology topics through real-world simulations! Business Technology students acquire the necessary skills to become successful in any business environment. Through project-based units, students learn various business software and when to apply them. Having this knowledge will prepare students for both college and the workforce!




  • Curriculum to Include:

    • Business Planning
    • School Events
    • Newsletter production
    • Learn to create & pitch a project
    • Event Management
    • Website Creation
    • Build directories & databases
    • Retail Management 
    • Board Management
    • Marketing
    • Fundraising
    • Business problem-solving
    • Temp agency simulation
    • Phot agency
    • Communicating safety
    • Typing skills
    • Organization and planning
    • Microsoft Office Certification
    • Adobe Certifications
    • Presentations
    • Spreadsheets & databases
    • Desktop publishing
    • Accounting
    • Build critical thinking skills


    Career Pathways:

    Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper, Customer Service Rep, Human Resource Specialist, Medical Assistant, Office Manager, Paralegal, Programmer, Purchasing Assistant, Treasury Analyst.

    Work for: Small, Medium and Large-sized Companies, Banks, Governmental Institutions, Hospitals, Libraries, Mortgage Companies, Schools



Business Technology Teachers

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