• In the Plumbing program, students are trained in the theory and practice of plumbing. During their junior and senior year, qualified students will also be given the opportunity to work on the school's house project! 

    Students are also provided with information regarding employment opportunities so they can make an educated decision concerning their career choices. Upon successful completion of this program, students receive documentation of their shop and classroom hours toward their apprentice training.

  • Curriculum to Include:

    • Hands-on work
    • Introduction to Plumbing
    • Safety and Installation
    • Tools and Joining Methods
    • Education Requirements
    • Water Supply
    • Drainage and Venting
    • Math Formulas/ plumbing math
    • House Project 
    • Building Sanitary Waste and Vent Systems
    • Potable Water Supply
    • Fixture Installation 
    • Gas Code
    • Venting 
    • Drainage 
    • Water Supply

    Career Pathways:

    Plumber ; Consultant ; Gas Fitter; Maintenance Person ; Oil Burner Technician ; Pipefitter ; Plumber Process Piping Installer ; Proprietor of Own Company ; Salesperson ; Warehouse Plumber ; Boiler Manufacturers ; Plumbing Firms ; Contracting Firms ; Heating Firms ; Installation Companies ; Plumbing Fixtures Stores ; Self Employed ; Union Plumber 

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