How Absences Work...


    6 Absences:  

    1. Parent Liaison/Guidance Counselor will meet with student
    2. a warning letter will be sent home informing parents/guardians1

    10 Absences (or more): 

    1. “Danger of Failing” letter will be sent home
    2. Parental Conference with the Dean and Support Staff Team
    3. At the meeting, review interventions, discuss reasons for excessive absences
    4. Develop a student-centered plan to resolve attendance issue.

    14+ Absences:

    1. The student will receive an Administrative Failure for the year 
    2. Will need to meet with the Attendance Review Board for an appeal


    Reasons for Absences

    • Death in Family
    • Religious Holidays
    • Suspensions
    • Court Appointment/Appearances
    • Illness
    • Injury verified with a doctor's note
    • Emergency medical/dental visit with a doctor's note
    • College visit (seniors only - limited to four days) 24 hour notice and parental permission form required

    In a case-by-case basis, absence from school over 14 days for extraordinary circumstances may be presented to the Attendance Review Board in order to determine how to qualify the absence. This is consistent with Section 1 of Chapter 76 of the Massachusetts General Laws the Superintendent-Director (or delegated representative- Attendance Review Board) may excuse cases of necessary absence.


    How to Report an Absence

    Parents/guardians are expected to call the attendance office by 8:30 a.m. on each day that his/her child is going to be absent. This telephone notification is necessary so the Attendance Office can document and confirm that the parent/guardian is aware of the student's absence. If a phone call is not received, then a call from GLTS to the home will be placed.

    The number to call to report a student absent is 978-686-0194 ext. 3041 or ext. 3042. 
    The parent or guardian must give the following information when calling:

    • Legal guardian's name who's calling to report the absence
    • Name of the student who is to be absent
    • Reason for the absence
    • Contact telephone number of the person calling


    Absentee Notes

    On the day the student returns to school after being absent, the student is required to bring an absentee note to the Attendance Office on the day that he/she returns to school. The note may be brought to the Attendance Office in the morning between 7:35 – 7:43 am or after school between 2:30 – 3:00pm. 

    The absentee note must include the following information:

    1. Student's full name (printed);
    2. Student identification number;
    3. Date(s) of the absence;
    4. The reason for the absence;
    5. A contact telephone number so that the school can confirm the note with a parent/guardian;
    6. The printed name of the parent/guardian printed and their signature.


    Important Information Regarding Absenteeism

    • Students who are absent from school are responsible for completing all missed class work and homework based on course syllabus.
    • GLTS reserves the right to make random, unannounced home visits, when they are of the opinion that absenteeism is becoming excessive. When a student is out of school, the school may impose requirements that must be met upon the student’s return to school.
    • Students absent from school five (5) consecutive days or more due to health reasons will be required to provide a medical note and be readmitted through the attendance office and the school nurse.
    • Students absent from school five (5) consecutive days or more for reasons other than health will be required to provide a written and signed parental excuse and be readmitted through the Assistant Principal, Attendance Office and the Guidance Office.
    • On the day of an absence, a student will lose the privilege of participating in any athletic event scheduled for that day and may also lose the privilege of participating in extracurricular or after-school social events. When the absence occurs on the day before a weekend or holiday, the loss of privileges may extend until the next school day.
    • Absence due to participation in a family vacation outside of scheduled school vacation periods is not permitted and a student not in attendance in school for this reason will be recorded as absent. 


    Prolonged Absence Due To Sickness/ Hospitalization

    Prolonged sickness/hospitalization will be defined as being a period of time in excess of ten (10) days for a single illness. Students must report cases of prolonged illness or hospitalization to their guidance counselors.

    In cases of prolonged sickness or hospitalization, absent days related to a specific period of illness will be brought to the Attendance Review Board for consideration. The illness must be documented with the guidance department and school nurse. In these cases tutoring opportunities are available and students, parents/guardians should contact the guidance counselor for more details. The school will make every effort to assure access to educational services during prolonged absence from school.



    Other Prolonged Absences

    Students remanded to the Division of Youth Services Program or other Executive Office of the Human Affairs Programs will have their absences exempt from PROBATIONARY status for the days they are in the program. The student’s guidance counselor and the attendance office will document such program placement as long as they are participating in tutorial services.