How Tardies Work...

  • Tardy/ Late To School

    All students are required to arrive to school on time and be in their first period class, prepared and in full uniform, when the bell sounds at 7:43. Those students who are late must report to the cafeteria lobby and sign in with the Parent Liaison. Students entering school after 7:43 will report to the Discipline Office to sign in. A parent/guardian call or note, notifying the school of a student's tardiness is required.

    Students entering school prior to 11:00 A.M. will be considered tardy/present. Students entering the school after 11:00 A.M. will be considered tardy absent for the day.

    Consistent Tardies will result in the following:

    • 6 tardies - 30 min detention - parent notified
    • 10 tardies - 2 hour detention - parent meeting
    • 12 tardies - loss of driving privileges - parent meeting
    • 15 tardies - Saturday detention - parent notified


    Being On Time for Class Periods

    Students are required to be on time for all class periods, all career area periods, and all scheduled school appointments and special events. Tardiness is subject to disciplinary action.

    The Daily Bell Schedule identifies the specific start and end time of each period, including lunch periods. Students will have four minutes to move to their next class. Students need to plan trips to lockers and other school business in order to be in class on time.

    Students tardy to class without an authorized pass will be admitted to class and issued a warning for the first offense and a Teacher Detentions for the second offense. Subsequent late-to-class violations will be referred to the Discipline Office and subject to consequences up to, and including, suspension.