Welcome to the English Learner (EL)  Department Webpage at Greater Lawrence Technical School. GLTS has a diverse student population and currently services approximately 175 students from several countries speaking different languages and dialects. The district is dedicated to offering the highest quality educational opportunities to all students to ensure English Language proficiency and achievement of Massachusetts content standards, while simultaneously creating an environment that values students’ native languages and cultural backgrounds. 



    Purpose of Webpage

    This webpage was designed as a resource for GLTS parents/guardians, students, teachers, and staff to learn about and have access to information and programs specifically tailored to EL students. It is crucial that all stakeholders know about the opportunities that are available to them at school, and in the community. Many resources presented are conveniently available online and some are available in English and in Spanish. Much of the information on this website is categorized and alphabetized for easy reference. 


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