• Welcome Parents

    We strongly believe in the undeniable power of a great education and we know that parent involvement in education is vital to the success of students!

    The GLTS Parent Connection celebrates the diversity of GLTS's population and welcome everyone to feel connected to the school community. Our goal is to empower parents as their child’s first teachers thus making them great partners
    in education and increase student achievement.  


    Specially, the Parent Connection staff strives to meet the following goals:

    • Provide a permanent and welcoming place in schools where parents can learn about their child’s education as well as network with other parents.
    • Demonstrate to parents that working with their child at home helps increase student achievement.
    • Built parent capacity by providing relevant trainings and workshops in flexible schedules
    • Provide support during parent-teacher conferences by offering specific education educational materials and resources in the different content areas that will supplement and enrich student learning.
    • Show the importance of sharing a partnership among the staff, parents, student and the community in the building.

    Our Mission:

    Our mission is to reach out, connect and facilitate parent communication and involvement with our school, students, parents and community -- we are all in this together!!