Common/Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:  Why should we get involved?
    A:  There are many answers to this question. We think a top answer is that we can help your business gain top qualified employees with lower attrition rates. However, by getting involved, you will make an impact on a student's life; the way they see their future and get them excited to learn, work and leave with real life experience before even setting foot out of the school.
    You will also see that connecting with GLTS will not only allow for more networking but can also help promote your company and gain the attention of our students or, in other words, potential employees. By getting involved you will be helping GLTS prepare students with great potential to not only believe they can succeed in environments that they feel may not allow them to flourish, but to have the drive and the skillset to go out and make things happen!
    Q:  GLTS is a public vocational school -- why do you need outside money?
    A:  It's true that we are a public vocational school. However, the assistance and funds we receive does not allow us to expand beyond a certain limit. Our outside funding is to invest in new innovation and modern equipment that meets and keeps up with the high demands students will face when they enter the workforce/college post graduation. These investments are not covered.
    Q:  If we were to get involved, how much money are you looking for?
    A:  Brilliant question!  The answer is based on each specific academy needs.  Please see the attached list. 
    Q:  Other than pure capital contributions, are there others ways to get involved?
    A:  Absolutely! There are more ways than one to get involved and become a part of our Reggie Community:
    • If you have any of the equipment, materials or labor to supply, donate or contribute to the school, we would love it!

    • We have a great Cooperative program! With this program, you can hire a student professional and give them the chance to work in their career choice while simultaneously continuing their education here at GLTS. Click on the box titled "CO-OP" above to learn more!

    • GLTS also has a Program Advisory Board that allows for members of the community who have experience in a specific field to give feedback to the school on ways we can improve curriculum, equipment and workplace standards to match that of the actual workforce.   
    Q:  How many hours does one need to commit to, if we were to get involved?
    A:  Often, it is far less than you think.  If one decides to be a part of a Program Advisory Board, it could be between 10-20 hours total per year. Clearly, the more hours one invests, the more impact we can see in our students and in our school.

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