Introduction to Plumbing


    Course Information

    Start Date: September 20, 2021

    End Date: January 12, 2022

    Mondays through Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., and 4 hours online each week. 

    This course introduces basic plumbing tools, materials, and fixtures. Students will learn to read and interpret basic plumbing code, be able to measure and calculate pipe offsets, and demonstrate the process of connecting copper tubing, PVC piping, PEX tubing and no hub cast irone pipe.  The course will also cover proper procedures for installing fixtures, faucets, water supply and DwV connections for each.

    This is a300 hours introductory course designed to prepare graduates for an entry-level job as a plumbing apprentice.  This is supported by a MA Career Technical Initiative grant, and there is no cost to eligible participants.  Eligibility determination and enrollment is done through the MassHire Career Center.  


    Certifications:  OSHA 10 Safety and Viega Press

    Call the MassHire Career Center at  978-722-7000 to sign up for a Zoom information session to find out more



    Course Topics:

    Standard Tools and Materials

    Residential Plumbing Systems 

    Commercial Plumbing Systems 


    Learning Outcomes:

    OSHA 10 Certification 

    Demonstrate general safety practices related to plumbing 

    Read and interpret basic plumbing code 

    Recognize and name common tools 

    Measure and calculate pipe offsets often used by plumbers 

    Identify plumbing symbols and abbrevations used in drawings 

    Demonstrate the process of connecting Copper Tubing (ex. solder, flare and press)

    Demonstrate the process of connecting PVC Piping (ex. solvent weld)

    Demonstrate the process of connecting PEX Tubing

    Demonstrate the process of connecting No Hub Cast Iron Pipe

    Recognize and properly name various fittings and pipes

    Recognize and name different types of valves

    Identify various fixture types

    Describe and demonstrate techniques for working with pipe and fittings 

    Describe the proper procedures for installing fixtures, faucets. water supply and DwV connections for each type of fixture 


    Job titles training will prepare you for:

    MA Tier 1 Plumbers Apprentice




    Training Eligibility Requirements

    Criteria  Yes or No  Comments
    High school diploma or HiSet? Yes  High school or GED
    Math grade level (estimate) 6th Grade Measurements and Formulas
    Reading grade level (estimate) 6th Grade Basic Code and Print Reading
    ELL ok or must be English moderately fluent? ELL Ok   
    Any physical requirements?  Yes Lifting 50lbs or more, climbing ladders, reaching and bending. 
    Mass Resident? Yes  
    Authorized to work in the US? Yes  
    Other requirements?  Yes  Drivers license, good driving record, unemployed or underemployed


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