• These courses are designed to begin to prepare Plumbing apprentices to fulfill the requirements to
    take the Massachusetts State Journeyman Plumber's Examination. In order to apply the course
    hours towards a student's educational requirements as outlined in 248 C.M.R., Section 11, they
    must hold a current Massachusetts Apprentice Plumber's License.
    State requirements vary based on the date the student acquired their Apprentice License. The Tier
    program is for apprentice plumbers who received their apprentice card after September 1, 2008


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    Program Information:

    Dates: Early Sept 2021 to March 2022
    Place: Greater Lawrence Technical High School
    Cost: $425 per semester

    Tier 1,2, and 3: Monday and Wednesday 5:30 - 8:30
    Tier 4 and 5: Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 - 8:30


    Plumbing Tier 1 (110 Hours): 10 hour OSHS safety card, materials, tools and methods, values and devices, residential blueprints, math and definitions. 

    Plumbing Tier 2 (110 Hours): Introduction to drains, waste and vents, allowable material, traps, clean outs, code, water supply, math, gas, blueprints and definitions. 

    Plumbing Tier 3 (110 Hours): Advanced instruction in vents, drains, water, storm, gas fixture instruction, blueprints, and definitons. 

    Plumbing Tier 4 (110 Hours): Gas code, general laws, scope & jurisdiction, drainage water supply, fixtures, commercial. basic principals and definitions. 

    Plumbing Tier 5 (110 Hours): Plumbing and gas code review, busines related costs. 


    For more information:  Contact Susan Almono at salmono@glts.net