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The Town of Andover Health Division sent out updated information regarding the Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus in Andover. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has raised the level of the town’s risk for EEE from “moderate” to “high". GLTS is collaborating with the Board of Health to ensure the safety of our students and we are making adjustments in all our outdoor activities accordingly for the foreseeable future. Information from the Board of Health, including safety precautions, is available here. Should you have further questions, we ask that you reach out to the Health Division directly at 978-623-8640. 


Below are the times that we must be off the fields for all outside practices and games. Times are set to allow for our student-athletes to transition from practices and games to a safer environment. These times are also consistent with neighboring communities/schools. 


7:00 PM                August 27th - Sept. 7th

6:45 PM                Sept. 8th – 14th

6:30 PM                Sept. 15th – 21st

6:15 PM                Sept. 22nd – 28th

6:00 PM                Sept. 29th – Oct. 12th

5:45 PM                Oct. 13th – 19th

5:30 PM                Oct. 20th – 26th

5:00 PM                Oct. 27th – Nov. 2nd


Please encourage your student-athletes to leave the fields as soon as their practices/games are finished along with wearing repellant with Deet and the necessary clothing for their own protection.